5 SEO Tips for Better Website Ranking

Everyone wants to be on top on Google, but as the algorithms are updating frequently, it get difficult for a website to be on number one. All the activities that a webmaster performs for a better rank of his websites get wasted after the algorithm update. So how one can stay on top, here are some tips to remain on the top of search engine,
1. Create original and quality content that drives others to visit your site.
2. Avoid keyword stuffing and maintain keyword density according to standards.
3. Focus on website design for better user engagement.
4. Regularly visit webmaster tool and follow the instructions recommended by Google.
5. Avoid broken links and keep relevant external links.


Directory Submission – Helps in increasing ranks on search engine

It is proved that Directory Submission helps in increasing the ranks of website on search engines. By submitting your website over directories is one step of the procedure doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are lots of online directories available and the real challenge is “sorting the right directories for the right website (business).

To get back links to your website is as essential as doing on-page optimization. Submitting your website on irrelevant sites or categories, never get any back link or any benefit to your website.

Try to get relevant submission, which helps in increasing website ranks.

SEO Industry Update

Facebook has decided to shakeup 2013 with the unveiling of their Graph Search allowing users to search for people who share interests, explore cities and locations through friends’ photos, and use their likes to explore new restaurants, bands and more. This means viral social media has become the signature of thriving society.